Child Custody Law

The laws in Florida governing child custody underwent major changes in October 2008. A big part of this new law was discarding several terms from legal proceedings, such as "primary parent," "child custody" and "visitation." Now, parents are just called “mother” and “father” of the child and the courts assume parents will be sharing parental responsibilities with equal interest in raising their children, as long as shared parenting won't be detrimental to the child.

Now, when parents go through a divorce, they must create a parenting plan. This plan needs to detail what each parent will be responsible for when it comes to the upbringing of their children. It must also map out the time each parent will have with the children for child custody.

The parenting plan needs to include the following:

  • Where the children will live

  • How parents will share child-rearing responsibilities

  • Time-sharing arrangements including the division of holidays and school breaks

  • Which parent will make decisions regarding the child’s health care, schooling, and extracurricular activities

  • How the parents will communicate with each other and the child

  • Who will be responsible for transporting the child and how the costs of same will be paid

  • Which parent’s address will be used for school zone purposes

Once both parties have agreed on a parenting plan, the course will review it to ensure it's in the best interest of the child. A trial will be conducted to establish a plan if the parents cannot come to an agreement on a parenting plan.

Jacksonville Child Custody Lawyer

This new way of addressing child custody makes it even more important to hire a skilled family law attorney in Jacksonville. With the right lawyer working with you, it will be easier to navigate these new laws. At Tassone, Dreicer & Hill, we handle child custody and family law cases regularly. Our experienced legal team will help with any time-sharing or parenting plan questions you may have. We will work with you to create the parenting plan best for you, your soon-to-be ex and the children involved.

If an agreement cannot be achieved, we will go to work to help ensure your children are fully protected in family court. Our team of experienced attorneys understands custody litigation and we are prepared to go to trial, if necessary.

Child Support

Another aspect to consider when dealing with divorce and child custody is child support. Both parents will be responsible for supporting their children after divorce or after a paternity test. Usually, the parent the child lives with or spends the most time with will receive monetary child support from the other parent.

Child support is the payment made from one parent to another in cases involving divorce, separation or paternity action.

In most Florida cases, child support ends when the child reaches the age of 18 or graduates from high school. It's not required in Florida for a parent to continue to support their children after they reach the age of majority. Parents are also not required to pay for the child's college education.

Child Abuse & Neglect

Protecting our children is one of the most important things our society can do. When legitimate abuse or neglect is happening, it's important to make sure it stops and the guilty party is punished. However, there are times when an innocent person becomes accused of a crime they didn't commit.

Regardless of the legitimacy of the claims, when an accusation of child abuse or neglect is made, the police, Department of Children and Family Services and the State Attorney's Office will all get involved.

If you've been accused of child abuse or neglect, it's important to hire the right family law attorney in Jacksonville. Having someone on your side with knowledge of the laws governing child abuse and neglect will ensure you receive a proper defense.

Cases involving child custody, child support, and child abuse or neglect are very serious. Unfortunately, these cases may have a negative impact on the children and others involved, if they aren't handled well. Too often someone involved doesn't have a pure motive or the child's best interest in mind.

When you're dealing with a child custody issues, child support or child abuse/neglect, you need a skilled attorney on your side. At Tassone, Dreicer & Hill, we provide a full legal team with extensive experience in family law. Our Jacksonville attorneys will answer all the questions you have and make sure everything is handled properly.

If the issue is child abuse or neglect and the allegations are unfounded, it's important to hire an attorney immediately. We have found that early diligence in cases involving child abuse or neglect help keep charges from being filed and allow us the opportunity to discover evidence to ensure the state drops the charges.

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