Slip and Fall

Slip-and-fall accidents are some of the worst you may experience. This type of accident can cause terrible injuries to the neck and spine. Often, a slip and fall accident will occur due to neglect on the part of the property owner.

Some of these accidents happen due to a failure to provide warning signs after mopping, no handrails on the stairs, foreign objects or liquid on the floor, poorly designed stairwells or walkways or holes in the surface of the floor. No matter the reason, if you've suffered from a slip and fall accident, you may be entitled to compensation.

At Tassone, Dreicer & Hill, we provide experienced personal injury attorneys in Jacksonville ready to take your slip and fall case. Our legal team will start by offering a free consultation to discuss your case. If you have a claim, we will help you to receive the compensation you deserve.

Slip and Fall Accidents are a Serious Problem

Over one million Americans suffer from slip and fall accidents every year, according to the CDC. Out of those accidents, more than 17,000 pass away due to the injuries. In addition, common injuries may occur to the following body parts:

  • Hand

  • Leg

  • Pelvis

  • Ankle

  • Spine

  • Forearm

  • Hip

Fractures are very common with slip and fall accidents, but traumatic brain injuries are also possible.

While a slip and fall accident can happen to anybody, elderly people are the most susceptible. They often suffer serious injuries due to slip and fall accidents.

Hiring a Slip and Fall Injury Attorney in Jacksonville

While jurors may be a bit skeptical with a slip and fall claim due to fraudulent claims, it's still a very serious matter. Insurers and defense attorneys like to blame the person injured and claim their injuries aren't real.

The duty to keep the property safe falls on the property and business owners. You won't be paid for your injury unless the case can be proven. Due to this fact, you want to make sure you save any evidence of unsafe conditions, such as staircase pictures, liquid on the floor or other pictures of the scene. You should always get the information of any witnesses when you fall, as well.

If you've been a victim of a negligence causing a slip and fall accident, you need the right personal injury attorney in Jacksonville working for you. At Tassone, Dreicer & Hill, we provide decades of experience and have handled several slip and fall accident claims. We will work hard to ensure you're fully compensated.

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